"Waves" by blondfire


Ask yourself: “Is the soundtrack to my life as awesome as it should be?”  What’s the song you’d pick for doing something cool?  I bet this one tops it.  Side note: listen to this one on a pair of high quality headphones/speakers.

Sounds like a combination of: The soothing feeling of Emil & Friends, the synth-rock of Tegan And Sara, and Emily Haines of Metric.

Listen to if you like: Powerful female vocalists, goose bumps, and songs for doing stuff that is epic.

Perfect for: Standing on a beach in a raging sun shower, raining sideways, with the sunset engulfing the horizon in a rainbow inferno. 

“Waves, just like a dream, silver and green, we live in between”

“What’s a band you’re listening to that you wish other people knew about?” I ask my friend, Mark, sitting next to me in our classroom.  “Umm…,” he starts.  He’s puzzled; perhaps no one has ever asked him this before, but he seems curious and happy someone did.  I’m glad I could oblige.  “blondfire,” he finally contributes.  This piques my interest because one of my favorite bars in California is named “Beach Fire.”  I begin my search.

Their stuff is pretty good, as far as alternative-pop-electro bands are concerned.  My friend is watching me as I peruse their catalogue and chimes in, “Dude, ‘Waves’.  Listen to ‘Waves’.  It’ll change your life.”  Bold claim, sir; bold claim.  Again, I will oblige.

Oh my God. 

This song picked me up, tore the roof of my building clean off, and sent me flying 10,000mph across the country back to the beaches of Southern California.  I could not believe how amazing it made me feel.  I looked straight at Mark with a bewildered expression of “thanks”.  If you don’t believe me, listen to “Waves” now.  I defy you to say this song doesn’t light some fire deep inside your heart to do something cool the second you hear it.  The acoustic guitar riff that starts off the song stands up the hairs on the back of your neck.  Things start to feel brighter.  Then those drums kick in.  Your eyes get wider.  The soothing vocals of Erica Driscoll flow out of your speakers like a beautiful siren’s call, beckoning you into the track.  You want to follow her, wherever she goes.  Every second you listen, it gets more exciting.  And then, when the chorus hits, so does a harmonious blast of “Wa-Aa-AVES.”  At this point, your adrenaline is probably pumping.  The guitar is plucking at your heartstrings and the lyrics are affixing themselves to the “sing-along” part of your mind.  I found myself listening to this one several times over and over again just in case there was anything I missed or didn’t hear the first time.  I’m sure you’ll do the same.

Website: https://blondfire.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blondfire

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/blondfire/id74508661

Lee Brice


Soulful country music with a modest peppering of rock and roll.  And let’s not forget Lee Brice's soft side that'll have you belting ballads to your honey alongside the radio.

Sounds like a combination of: Jason Aldean’s rock, Darius Rucker’s fun, and Tim McGraw’s soft side.

Listen to if you like: To party. 

Perfect for: Beer, rockin’ parties, and friends.  Just getting into country music.

“You know I get sick deep sea fishing, you make the best fried chicken, I got a hopeless golf game, I love the sound of your name”

I’m going to go out on a limb right now and say it… country music is really, really good.  There - it’s out there.  Now, I know what a lot of you out there might say about that (something along the lines of “well, I don’t drive a tractor or dip or kiss my cousin so there’s no reason for me to listen to country”). but honestly, nothing can be farther from the truth.  Here’s my advice: stop making prejudicial conclusions concerning country and listen to it before you make your decision.  I promise you, just like rock, rap, alternative, hip-hop, ect.; you might not like everything, but you will sure as hell like something.

No that we have that out of the way…

If you are just starting out with country, or you have never even listened to it once without changing the station: start with this guy.  I did, and it was the best thing to happen to me regarding music since I discovered electronic.  I was driving down 95 for hours with a bunch of my friends, including my girlfriend at the time, and everyone in the backseat was asleep but me (and the driver, obviously).  The radio was set to some country station I wasn’t listening to, until “A Woman Like You" came on.  The lyrics were the thing that hit me hard; so beautiful, casual, and humble.  Just a simple guy saying simple things to the love of his life about how different it would be without her.  Mush alert: I looked over at my girlfriend and thought that these were the things I wanted to say to her after the two and a half years we spent together.  Instantly, I was hooked.  I checked out the rest of his that album, Hard 2 Love (second studio record), and loved every song on it… and let’s not forget: I – for no rational reason whatsoever – didn’t ever listen to country before this guy.

I strongly believe that country ballads are some of the most powerful love songs throughout the spectrum of musical genres.  If you’re up for these romantic-types, then check out “Some Things” and “I Drive Your Truck.”  These two will probably bring you to tears, especially the latter… I seriously sobbed like a baby after hearing that one for the first time.  If the rock and roll sound is more for you, then Brice has “Picture of Me” and “Hard to Love.”  And then finally – what Brice is so damn good at – is those party anthems that get folks jumping like crazy, whether it’s in your living room by yourself, a field with your buddies, or a party on a beach.  My personal favorites here are “Parking Lot Party,” and the aptly named “Beer.”  Whatever you’re looking for across the breadth of country, Lee Brice has a song for you that’s going to hook you into the rest of his two amazing albums.

Funny thing is, most of those who listen to country probably know some of the above-mentioned songs without knowing Brice.  Unfortunately, I have noticed that while his songs have made it out their, his name itself is awaiting familiarity amongst country enthusiasts.  However, I have confidence that upon releasing a third album, we’ll see more hits from him on the radio, as well as a large enough following and plenty of shows to become as household as our current 21st century artists such as Darius, Blake, and Jason.  No news on that, though.  What there IS news on though are shows… he’s literally playing shows on rapid fire from now all the way to the end of October.  If that’s not hardworking and deserving of country superstardom, I don’t know what is.

Cheers to the artist that taught me how to love country.  I will forever be grateful to him.  I hope he can do the same for you.

Website: http://www.leebrice.com (don’t forget to VOTE here for Lee as ACM New Artist of the year!)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leebricemusic

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/lee-brice/id216359623

Mates of State


Melancholy indie pop that will leave you humming their melodies long after the record stops. The fact that the two vocalists are married to one another gives their songs a rare perspective; we get to listen to both sides of the story. That being said, you’ll likely be too busy dancing to Kori’s piano to pick a side.

Sounds like a combination of: Matt and Kim, New Pornographers, Bell and Sebastian, and the kind of relationship you wish you were a part of.  But you’re not.  So you listen to Mates of State instead.

Listen if you like:  Upbeat melodies, piano-driven, contemplative indie music, male/female vocal duality, and maybe a little dancing.

Perfect for: Drinking coffee, dancing in your living room, long drives, long runs, and long-term relationships.

I first heard Mates of State in 2005 at a small venue in Oakland, CA when they opened for co-headliners Taking Back Sunday and Jimmy Eat World.  I stood near the stage on the floor as I usually do, waiting for the overhead music to fade and the lights to dim.  Out walked two people who promptly took their places, with him on the drums, and her on the keyboard.  That’s when the dancing started.  The keyboard was tinny and cartoonish, and the drums were frantic and used more as punctuation, rather than a means of keeping time.  It was a mess and I loved it.  As a result of that performance, I’ve followed them ever since. 

The band features Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel, who happen to be married to one another.  They often take turns singing bars, but also harmonize when they feel the need.  His voice always sounds in danger of being out of his range, which gives anything that he sings an identifiable earnestness.  Hers is simple and pretty, but not so much so that they don’t blend well.  Together, you can hear how the harmonies aren’t so much the product of rehearsing in a studio, but more as the result of a married couple who clearly enjoy singing to one another at home, in the car, while doing dishes, etc.

As I mentioned above, the early albums were sloppy and electro-hypnotic.  During the years that followed, the band ditched the electronic cacophony with lo-fi recordings, and fine-tuned their sound; tightening themselves up to become the type of indie band even casual listeners will be able to appreciate.  The most accessible album of theirs would have to be 2008’s Re-Arrange Us.  Somewhere between the aforementioned Belle and Sebastian, and the irresistible Tegan and Sara, there are two people that manage to reach a full sound not unlike The Polyphonic Spree, without the modern temptation of overproduction.  The result is minimalistic indie music with sweeping melodies, melancholy encouragement, all while still maintaining enough punch to move you.  That’s the thing about Mates of State: they are just as likely to move you physically as they are emotionally.

I struggled with which song to feature, debating between “Get Better” – whose refrain begs to be featured in the trailer of an independent movie – and “My Only Offer.”  I chose the latter, but highly recommend also listening to the former while staring out a window (but maybe not while staring into another.  That’s weird).  I found that “My Only Offer” better shows how they use drums to get your foot tapping, the back-an123467839d-forth vocals to encourage first-time listeners to sing along to repeated lines, and a chorus that just might be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  You’re welcome.

- Cody

“In secret, we believe we’re nothing, nothing, nothing that we need.”


Website:  http://matesofstate.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/matesofstate

iTunes Link:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mates-of-state/id13533589

Capital Cities

Electro-funk at its finest.  You may remember them from their single “Safe and Sound” in late 2011, but there is so much more to this group then you probably know.  Capital Cites crafts waves of electrifying synth, amplified by effervescent melodies and playful lyrics.

Sounds like a combination of: Passion Pit and Röyksoop, with some hints of newer Daft Punk and toned down at times á la Miike Snow.

Listen if you like:  Synths.  Synths of any kind… like at all.

Perfect for: Droning away at work and looking for something to make the day feel more colorful

One album is all they have.  Just one.  But one album is all it takes to get ferociously addicted to this lot.  Unfortunately, getting to that album is what seems to stop with most people.  What the majority of us probably thought (myself, included) when we heard “Safe and Sound” on the radio was presumable something along the lines of “Oh, wow, that’s a really nice song.”  And that’s it.

As CC’s the follow-up from “Safe and Sound” suggests, nothing came after.  Luckily that’s not true, and as anyone who appreciates good music can probably guess, there is a phenomenal album backing up their first radio hit.  I challenge anyone reading this right now to go to “In A Tidal Wave of Mystery” and give it a full listen.  If at least three of those songs don’t have your brain doing backflips of ecstasy, then you’re doing it wrong.  Let’s start with “Safe and Sound.”  First track, first single, easy; right?  Wait… why is this song so catchy anyway?  Why did millions of listeners tune into alt stations across the world time and time again to this bubbly opus?  Was it the warm, feel-good waves that wrap you like a blanket?  The hopeful tenor of the lead singer’s voice?  Or perhaps that killer trumpet fill that has you whistling to the melody every single time?  Possibly a combination of everything; regardless, this is a song no one minds getting stuck in their head.

I quite honestly love every track on this album.  Listening to it from front to back is a treat.  It’s cheerful, it’s poppy, and it’s electronic; that’s truly all I need on most days.  Three songs from their debut record that I recommend wholeheartedly are the 80s-reminsicent “Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast,” the trippy, electro-funky “Oragami” (my personal favorite), and the Miike Snow doppelganger “Love Away.”  The funny thing is, if you have any sort of upbeat alternative station on something like Pandora, I almost guarantee you’ve heard at least one other song by these guys and didn’t catch it.  Listen to the album a couple times though, and you’ll be hearing them all over the place.

Let’s hope we see more from Capital Cities.  They still play shows in different towns every couple of weeks, including Coachella 2014.  Also, on their website (which is a well maintained tumblr page), they offer updates on current projects, assurance they are still active, and even free downloads of single tracks not yet released.  They even sported “Kangaroo Court" as their next single, with an EP released on it.  I’d conclude that they are here to stick around, and look forward to a follow up album some time in the coming year.

Plus, you gotta love that horn.

"In a dusty room I’ve come to assume, that I’ve been doomed to lose my mind tonight; too weak to fight"

Website: http://capitalcitiesmusic.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/capitalcities

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/capital-cities/id398949430


Hard rock, powerful lyrics, and a catalogue that will have you listening for hours.  From Memphis, TN, Skillet’s never-ending effort to rock your face off is sure to make you a quick fan and draw you through the complexities of human emotion, weakness, strength, and struggle.  Oh, and get this: they’re part of the CCM variety.  Interested?  Should be.

Sounds like a combination of:  Disturbed and Slipknot, but with the tameness of Three Days Grace and Manifest.  Also, a bit of Avenged Sevenfold’s lighter stuff.

Listen if you like:  Hard rock, gritty vocals, male & female singers, and quality harmonies, but without everything drowned out by distortion or unintelligible lyrics.

Perfect for: Running, working out, punching things, etc.

I remember showing my roommate a band that I had been into for a while, Shiny Toy Guns (this band has a male and a female singer that really knock it out of the park).  After hearing a few songs by them, he looked at me and said, “If you like them, you’ll really like these guys.”  It took a couple minutes to locate one of their songs on YouTube, but I was hooked from the first few seconds of the live version of “Hero” he played on his screen.  At first I thought it was some electro-metal group and that, itself, piqued my interest.  However, when I came across some more of their songs after searching for a bit, I found their eighth (yeah, wow) full-length album: Awake

If you haven’t already been able to tell by the last few articles on the page, I haven’t yet particularly focused on heavy rock stuff.  Of course, I do like some groups from the genre: Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Finger Eleven, Three Days Grace, etc.  But, in my experience – and mine alone, I know some people may feel differently – it’s difficult to find new/unexposed stuff that can manage the complexity and skill that is required to construct adequate hard rock; Skillet doesn’t have that problem.  Their songs ring out of the speaker with a perfect combination of crisp treble and pumping bass.  Further, the speed and forte of the album’s mood fluctuates from track to track.  One second you’re hanging off your ceiling throwing hardcovers from your bookcase at the mirror (“Monster,” “It’s Not Me It’s You,” “Awake and Alive”) and the next you’re lying face to the floor sobbing quietly as the memories of girls you lost flush through your mind (“Don’t Wake Me,” “Should’ve When You Could’ve,” “Forgiven”).

Two more interesting points about this group.  The first: WOW, they are prolific… like nine albums prolific.  NINE.  At first, this almost seemed daunting.  However, Awake seemed like the proper choice to get started.  Something about that album just has those indescribable features of music that cause the songs to sound so appealing.  I have begun to venture out of just this one though.  Comatose has a fairly similar, well-constructed, and modern hard rock sound that Awake has so check it out if you like the latter.  If the more raw, yet alternative sound is what you might like to hear from them instead, Invincible actually offers a noticeably different style.  The second point is that they are part of the Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) genre, that is, their music is grounded in Christian faith.  No, they don’t sing songs incessantly professing the love of Jesus or how much pro-lifers are the only ones going to Heaven; instead, their songs deal with all the normal issues us as flawed humans face: love, loss, sadness, mortality, anger, etc., and how they see those through the eyes of a Christian.  It’s refreshing.  Instead of some immature adolescent screaming and complaining without resolution, Skillet does it with the goal in mind to become a better person.  Listening to this music is a catharsis.  Regardless of your faith, it really gets you thinking.

Skillet continues to make new albums (Rise), tour (Spring 2014), and has plenty of videos for your viewing pleasure.  You can even join their band-supported fan group right off of their website: the PANHEADS.  Joining it gives you all this cool memorabilia, access to exclusive content, news updates, and more.  The benefits to following this band just keep getting better and better as the years go on.  Do yourself a favor and listen.

“I’m gonna fight for what’s right, today I’m speaking my mind, and if it kills me tonight (I will be ready to die)” 

Website: http://www.skillet.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skillet

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/skillet/id1750802

twenty one pilots


Twitchy and exotic, with rhythm that jerks your mind back and forth between verses.  Columbus, Ohio’s twenty one pilots is music on steroids you didn’t even know you loved, with a music video (below) that can only be described as a ballet of schizophrenic zombies.

Sounds like a combination of:  The sounds of Pinback and The Neighborhood, and Eminem’s rap genius with Shakespeare’s pentameter (minus the cussing).

Listen if you like:  Music that sounds like a mental breakdown but is still ironically cheerful at times; a collection of rock, pop, rap, and electro all balled into one guy’s musings about an estranged life.

Perfect for:  Cleaning your house during a caffeine high; hangovers you solve by drinking heavier the next morning; mental breakdowns.

I love discovering bands like this: a girl I was dating had this friend, with whom I was chatting about music.  I asked her what her top three favorite bands were and she names them off after a moment of thought.  Two of them I knew (can’t remember who they were but it doesn’t matter) – the third I had never heard of before.  “twenty one pilots” she said.  I took the bait and asked her to tell me about them, but she didn’t necessarily know how to describe the duo (little did I know at the time, I would still have a fairly hard time even now describing their quasi-alternate genre myself).  I nearly gave up, but asked her to give me her favorite song by them so I could star it in Spotify and listen to it later.  “Holding On To You” she said, “Without a doubt.”

Fast forward to the next day when I am driving home alone and I play the song I starred.  30 seconds into the rage-tempered “Holding On To You” and I nearly crash into the car in front of me.  I’m shocked.  This is awesome.  The pulsing keyboard, the crashing drums in that send my foot throbbing on the gas pedal, the passionately and stylistically constructed lyrics, and that simultaneously unique and familiar rhythm.  Combine that with a distinct structure and sound between the verses, chorus, and bridge, and you have what I honestly would agree to be this group’s best work.

I had a whole hour drive home ahead of me.  I waited until I got on the highway so I could open up the windows and blast TWP at the highest my car stereo system could stand (which is actually pretty good – way to go Subaru).  Kicking off with “Ode To Sleep” was like re-experiencing a nervous breakdown, missed with a hint of fondness.  Then “Holding On To You” again followed by quirky-spastic “Migraine,” ukulele-infused “House Of Gold,” and awkward/slow-starting/goose bump-inducing “Car Radio” (Disclaimer: give this song a chance; I promise you it gets you thinking seriously about life).  I could describe each of the songs in precise detail with a personal note about what each one meant to me, but I really don’t need to.  Vessel is musical gold that allows no track on the album to go to waste.

The point to twenty one pilots is this: this dude is crazy, he’s talented, and he knows exactly how to channel his demons into music.  Listening to it is like cleansing yourself of your own worries.  You can feel yourself empathizing with lead singer Tyler Joseph’s words and on top of that, the layers of music kick start the adrenaline to make everything seem more visceral.  You literally just took a flaming roller coaster through Joseph’s mind and came out the other side with an ironically cheerful outlook towards the rest of your life. 

Bands like this are what make music the most exceptional form of expression.  Ever.

“Tie a noose around your mind, loose enough to breath fine and tie it; to a tree, tell it, ‘you belong to me,’ this ain’t a noose this is a leash and I have news for you, you must obey me.”

Spotify Link:  Twenty One Pilots

Facebook:  http://www.twentyonepilots.com/

iTunes Link:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/twenty-one-pilots/id349736311

Midi Matilda


This up-and-coming duo provides listeners with an alternative sound, injected with electric influences, soothing vocals, and fantastic, self-produced music videos.  And blue hair.

Sounds like a combination of: Capital Cites’ A Tidal Wave of Mystery, Bruce Springsteen, CHVRCHES’ The Bones of What You Believe, and M83’s Hurry Up We’re Dreaming

Listen if you like: Upbeat electronic alternative with unique sounds and instruments that add to the stunning quality of their songs

Perfect for: Walking through empty city streets at night

You may know this band from their video, “Day Dreams” that gained them significant Internet popularity a couple years ago (for a reminder, here’s a link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzdyhuhE694).  Since then, the band has been picking up momentum, signing with a label, playing dozens of shows around the country, releasing their EP Red Light District, and continuing to make breathtaking videos that exude good feelings.  

Seeing them live is a damn good show too; they’ve been quoted saying they want their concerts to be “like Daft Punk meets the White Stripes, but with more dancing.”  From experience, I can say they do a pretty good job achieving this desire.  There is certainly a lot of dancing… and it’s awesome.  Plus, Logan (drummer) has one of the most interesting faces you’ve ever seen when he plays. 

Taking a look at Red Light District, one can see two sides of the EP that carry the listener into a spectrum of several different moods.  Starting with “Day Dreams" and "Love & the Movies”, you get a quick-paced pulse of strong drums, a good dose of keyboard, and brilliant vocals; you listen to these songs and you feel hyped up/ready to get out and do something, quickly.  Then you get to “Red Light District" and "Ottawa”, and things start to calm down a little.  That walk through the city that you just went on?  You start to slow down and begin to recognize your surroundings.  You’re seeing, hearing, and feeling things that somehow seem more visceral.  You’re not sure what, but you can feel a meaning in these songs that make you want to listen again to try and feel what these guys were feeling when they wrote them.  By the time you finish up with “By the Firelight" and "Stranger”, you’ve calmed down entirely.  Your pace has shortened, perhaps even stopped.  But you still continue to do everything with a distinct rhythm until the album ends.  Once over, you find yourself immediately saying to yourself “I want to hear that again.”

Good news is that these guys definitely have a future ahead of them.  They continue to play shows and will be releasing their full album in the middle of 2014.  For now, check out their new release, “Just My Imagination”, an electro-reboot of The Temptations’ classic. Also, below is one of their more recent videos, one of my favorites.

 ”Your pillow and a cigarette, I’m in your old school rolodex baby I’m falling; I got a number, why don’t you call it?”

Spotify LinkMidi Matilda


iTunes Linkhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/midi-matilda/id483158123

Oh No Fiasco


Ready for a new, rockin’ band that will absolutely blow you away?  Oh No Fiasco is that band; prepare to be impressed.

Sounds like a combination of:  Foster the People’s Torches, Paramore’s Hayley Williams, and Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane

Listen if you like: Funky rock with electronic vibes, a singer with a fantastic range, and slightly mental lyrics

Perfect for: Seeing live

Rarely do you attend a concert to see an opening band you haven’t heard of.  When I first showed up to a show Oh No Fiasco was opening for, I’ll be honest and say I didn’t know who they were and didn’t research any of their music.  I was there doing what everyone else does when they go to see their band play a show: go see their band play a show.

My God was that a stupid way to think.

The second these five get on stage, they are literally rocking your face off.  Regardless of who is there, everyone starts to move back and forth to match their catchy riffs.  And they don’t just dance - no - they tear it up on that stage; dancing on keyboards, crawling underneath each other, head-banging in sync, fully coordinated dance moves; the works.  It was a sight worth seeing and no one walked out of that show without the name “Oh No Fiasco” on their minds and in their conversations.

Their recorded music brings back those same feelings experienced seeing them live.  Right now, they have released their EP No One’s Gotta Know - 5 well produced and eclectic tracks with a little something for everyone.  Two of my favorites have to be “Down" and "All Systems Go”.  ”Down” has such a catchy and enjoyable guitar riff/chorus… not to mention some of the more questionable lyrics they have written that won’t let you forget the song easily.  ”All Systems Go” has that melodious hook that’ll have you humming it all day at work and head-banging slowly to yourself during the bridge.  There’s also “Stand in Lover" a song they had updated from a previous version.  Although it has taken some flak for being a fundamentally different song than the original, it really brings to life the new sound that Oh No Fiasco is trying to embody (plus, if you really want to hold on to the previous, more hard-rock version, you can still find it on YouTube). 

Oh No Fiasco promises to be an amazing addition to the world of music.  With the second half of their album releasing sometime early next year, fans and newcomers alike will certainly love the unique, cheerful, and catchy music they create.  Also, if they happen to tour near you, I seriously suggest purchasing a ticket and going… this is one band you are going to want to catch live.

"I whisper all the dirty things I wanna do you, You whisper all the dirty things you wanna do to me"

Spotify LinkOh No Fiasco


iTunes Linkhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/oh-no-fiasco/id424922434

Bag Raiders


New Favorite Band is happy to announce the first band for our project, Bag Raiders!

Sounds like a combination of:  Daft Punk’s Discovery, Tegan and Sara’s Heartthrob, and Hey Champ’s Star

Listen if you like: Poppy electro with deep vocals, intensely visceral hooks, and cheerful melodies

Perfect for: Driving really fast down an open highway with the top down

This duo proves that some of the best electronic music certainly comes from Australia (everything from Empire of the Sun to Pendulum).  Add Bag Raiders to the list of powerful down-under electro-rockers. From the beginning of their self-titled album, the song “Castles In The Air" will add a shot of adrenaline to anything you are doing.  "Sunlight" and "Not Over" tap into that almost retro, electro-feel with beautiful synths that ultimately will have everyone singing along with the choruses.  Overall, the album is a nice electric feel that ranges across the spectrum of electronic/house, providing a sound for everyone to enjoy.

One song in particular to enjoy is “Shooting Stars”, the tune that NFB first heard by Bag Raiders.  The simple beginning of snaps, soft back-up vocals, and build-up break into a second half that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  A strong guitar riff, heavy synth, and powerful vocals relate an illusive love to the fleeting nature of a shooting star.  The song is a masterpiece and can be listened to over and over again with the same appreciation as the time you first heard it.

If the lyric-less, house sounds are what you enjoy more, check out “Snake Charmer”, “Golden Wings”, and especially “Fun Punch - Bag Raiders Remix”; the rush of the latter will have you tapping your feet wherever you are.  

The duo tours and does DJ sets every now and again, which you can find on their Facebook page (below).  They’ve also remixed a bunch of different songs that have gained them popularity in the last few years.  Although their last and only album was released in 2010, perhaps one can hope for more to come from these folks.  Also, look at that album cover again (above); simply amazing.

"I’m in love with a shooting star, but she moves so fast, when she falls then I’ll be waiting"

Spotify LinkBag Raiders 


iTunes Linkhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/bag-raiders/id262804084